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Ski School Canada

Lessons come in a variety of forms from individual to group, depending on your comfort level and budget. Instructors will evaluate your skiing ability and can suggest a lesson type best suited to you. Most ski resorts also offer special Ladies and Men's lesson days unique to the gender, which often includes lunch and drinks. If you are interested in working as a ski patrol or ski instructor, most resorts have the instruction programs to need for certification.

We don't need to tell you that the best way to start your ski or snowboard vacation is to have a lesson. Whether a raw novice, progressing intermediate or advanced powder hound, everyone can benefit from a little expert advice. We have done the research to help you pick a school that will help you to improve.

Like most education, the bulk of lessons are geared towards kids. Lessons can act not only as a way to teach youngsters how to ski or snowboard, but can give mom and dad a chance to ski on their own for a while. Most ski schools also include some daycare or babysitting time in the price too.